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Choosing the right tyre for gravel cycling is not that easy
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Raddler vs Riddler. WTB tyres compared

Choosing the right tyre for adventure cycling isn't easy. Right after purchasing a new bike we don't think much about what tyres are fitted on our wheels until we hit the road and test them in the terrain we cycle most often.

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Small but mighty gas stove
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Ultra light bikepacking gas stove

Bikepacking is a simple game of compromises. The more you put in your bags the more you have to carry. Although I'm not a fan of extreme equipment weighting race, this tiny gas stove is something you have to check out if you like to cook a decent meal on your cycling adventures.

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Hi there! I hope you enjoy my blog and the content I write is helping you in some way. If you think just like me that this world needs more balance and that one way to do that is through popularisation of two-wheels, consider donating to this awesome charity called World Bicycle Relief. Ride on!

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