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Raddler vs Riddler. WTB tyres compared

Choosing the right tyre for adventure cycling isn't easy. Right after purchasing a new bike we don't think much about what tyres are fitted on our wheels until we hit the road and test them in the terrain we cycle most often.

WTB 700x45 Riddler

My Pinnacle Arkose was originally fitted with WTB 700x45 Riddlers. They offer a lot of comfort on gravel roads, I enjoyed them mostly on rocky roads in dry conditions. They absorb shocks really well, which on hardtail gravel bikes is something very much needed. Climbing on Riddlers can become quite sketchy, especially when the surface gets dump. They roll quite good on tarmac, but I noticed a massive improvement when I later changed my tyres to WTB 700x40 Raddlers.

Riddlers feel good and plush but can't cope with too much mud
Riddlers feel good and plush but can't cope with too much mud

WTB 700x40 Raddler

I decided to go with x40 option (thought x44 is also available). Not only a bit narrower, but also different in design. Raddler is more "square", provides a lot better grip and surprisingly rolls faster on tarmac roads too. It feels a bit more stiff on gravel roads, but offers far greater control in wet conditions on hilly trails covered with roots, grass and dirt.

Newly fitter WTB Raddler
Newly fitter WTB Raddler

My preference

I'll definitely stick to Raddlers as they address my style of riding and the terrain I visit most often.

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