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UK to Paris: Honeymoon bike trip

This trip did not involve wild camping, nor getting dirty in the mud or climbing any major hills, and it wasn't even my idea to do it! But it's inarguably one of the best adventures me and my wife had to this day. Our honeymoon bike trip to Paris!

Honeymoon on two wheels

A newly-married couple, 250 km to go and two bikes with the simplest bags and really not a lot of stuff in them. Our target: Paris.
I decided to post this article even though at the time of writing it, it's been almost 8 years ago!

Check out our 18 min long video below to get a hint of what a relaxed-style cycling to Paris is like 👇
(some parts of the video contain Polish narrative, but don't worry, they're only very short!)

Bonjour Avenue Verte!

We followed the famous Avenue Verte for the most part of our trip. I can highly recommend this route to any cyclist, no matter how fit they are. It's traffic-free, wanders through some amazing landscapes and rural parts of France. It's really the journey that makes it a great adventure - Paris is just a cherry on the cake!