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Country roads, take me to... Weymouth

Break the loop and explore new horizons on a frosty Saturday morning bike ride to Weymouth, a beautiful coastal town in Dorset. Located 30 miles from our starting point in Poole, Weymouth is famous for its stunning beach, holiday atmosphere, and Georgian architecture.

Frosty morning

Dan and I set off from Poole around 7am on a crisp January morning. The weather had been unseasonably mild, but the air was still chilly before sunrise. As we rode, the mist rose from the fields, creating a surreal and beautiful scene.

First pit stop: Lulworth Cove. A thermos with coffee caried in our bags came very useful seeing that all cafes were still closed.

Farmlands and quiet country lanes

To avoid traffic, we planned to stick to the back country lanes as much as possible. We also wanted to avoid the South Coast path, which becomes muddy and inaccessible for bikes in the winter. The narrow farm roads were muddy enough to provide a fun and challenging ride, and we even managed to find some chalky off-road sections. We also enjoyed splashing through ice-covered puddles on our gravel bikes.

One of the highlights of the trip was the viewpoint at Ringstead car park. Neither Dan nor I knew about this place before, but it was a perfect spot for a break, with stunning views of Weymouth Harbour, Portland Island, and the cliffs to the left. The downhill road from there towards Osmington was also a blast.

Give us the bacon, Weymouth!

We arrived in Weymouth just before 11am, still in time for a leisurely breakfast. With no shortage of highly rated cafes to choose from, we opted for Cafe Blue, which serves excellent food and coffee with seafront views. The perfect way to warm up after a chilly morning ride 👍